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The Story. . . . .Why  T e m p l e   T r e e ?

There is a sacred tree, an ancient Banyan tree – centuries old. It towers over our property and Pura Segara Temple.

Both Temple & Tree have been the benevolent life source & protector of Kedonganan Beach and the Balinese  

fishermen who head out to sea daily in their local outriggers  –  J u k u n g

The owner, Ni Gusti Ayu Seriari first acquired the property in 2005 aware of the spiritual energy. There is a calm sense of being at TempleTree.


Some call it ‘Chi’ others Feng Shui. The Balinese know it as  T a k s u !


Experience an enhanced awareness cultivated over centuries of Balinese tradition at Kedonganan, Jimbaran Bay.


Feel Bali. Melt into the sands of time. Be the  O c e a n !

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