The Story. . . . .Why  T e m p l e   T r e e ?

There is a sacred tree, an ancient Banyan tree – centuries old. It towers over our property and Pura Segara Temple.

Both Temple & Tree have been the benevolent life source & protector of Kedonganan Beach and the Balinese fishermen who head out to sea daily.  

The owner, Ni Gusti Ayu Seriari first acquired the property in 2005 aware of the spiritual energy. There is a calm sense of being at TempleTree.


Some call it ‘Chi’ others Feng Shui. The Balinese know it as  T a k s u !


Experience an enhanced awareness cultivated over centuries of Balinese tradition at Kedonganan, Jimbaran Bay.


Feel Bali. Melt into the sands of time. Be the  O c e a n !

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